Auto Tube Labeler

Auto Tube Labeler : CURO ATL


CURO Automated Tube Labeling System

KPI Healthcare’s Automated Tube Labeling System, the CURO ATL is an automatic labeling system for blood-collection tubes. By communicating with patient information management system(HIS/LIS), the CURO ATL automatically labels blood-collection tubes with correct patient information & test type in a couple clicks. With the capacity to hold up to 150 tubes in 6 different types, it dramatically increases the efficiency in the workflow of blood collection, test operation and dramatically decreases the possibility of malpractice that could cause a huge damage. No more conventional way of manual preparation of blood-sample-tubes, make it more efficient and easier with CURO ATL from KPI Healthcare.

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Introducing the Clinical World to a Hands Free labeling Technology

Fully Automated
+ Increase productivity & efficiency in blood tube labeling process
+ Eliminate mistakes (prevents medical accidents)
+ Reduces the cost and time

HIS/LIS connectivity
+ Ease connection to all clinical environments

Great Performance with big capacity
+ Stores 150 tubes with 6 different types
+ Up to 800 prints per hour
+ Compatible with a variety of standard blood tubes
+ Separate urine label printing

Easy operation & Maintenance
+ Easy to learn how to operate (No learning time)
+ Open-window to visually confirm the amount of collected blood in tube
+ Both side access for printing label refill & service

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